King Charles

King Charles is a Vampire shrouded in mystery. Charles is a Malkavian that appears to be in his late teens, but is believed to be just under 40. His particular mental malady sometimes leads him to believe that he is Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars films. Most disturbing about his mental illness, is how often it seems to aid him. He has been known to pick “Stormtroopers” out of a crowd of allies, and uncover secret plots with his “Jedi Mind Tricks”. He has even brandished an arcane weapon, a sword that’s blade is composed of sunlight and fire.

Charles was once a member of an elite brood sired by the Seven Princes of Metro Detroit. This brood was created at the request of Joseph Langtry, the former Crown Prince of Metro Detroit. The brood was intended to act as the Crown Prince’s hand in rooting out a group of traitors within the local Camarilla Hierarchy. Charles and his brood mates eventually uncovered the truth, Joseph was the traitor, and had planned to turn the area over to The Sabbat. When the brood finally confronted Joseph, it was Charles that slew the Crown Prince, and claimed his title as his own.

In the years that followed, Charles led the Camarilla forces in war against The Sabbat. The war lasted 12 years, and culminated with a bloody battle for the City of Detroit that drew in all of the Vampires in the Michigan Area. When the final battle was done, Charles declared Michigan to be free of not only The Sabbat, but also The Camarilla. He named the area The New Republic, and demanded an oath of fealty from any Vampire residing in the State of Michigan.

The next 5 years would see peace as former Sabbat and Camarilla Vampires took their places in the Court of The New Republic. This peace is only now broken with the disappearance of The King. His Chancellor of The New Republic, Heinrich Hoffman, now rules in his stead, but the citizens of The New Republic grow anxious for the return of their King. Even now the last vestiges of The Camarilla and The Sabbat linger in the shadows, seeking to reclaim their territory, and restore their shattered sects.

King Charles

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