The Camarilla and the Sabbat have collapsed. Targeted attacks against the leadership of both groups have knocked the heads off of both these snakes. Many groups and individuals have staked claim to the leadership of both groups, and some are starting their own new groups.

In the Detroit area, the Malkavian Prince has declared himself to be the Emperor of Michigan, and most have come to accept this. Unfortunately the brief stability granted by the Emperor’s leadership is now gone. The Emperor has disappeared, and his court is in chaos. The Emperor has been known to disappear for short periods of time to “Consult with the Elders”, but he has never been gone for this long before.

In the Emperor’s absence his Chief Advisor, Lord Hoffman, has tried to maintain order. Hoffman’s grip on the fragile power structure is failing, and the many factions within the area are vying for power.

Your characters are amongst the former members of the Emperor’s Court. You may back the old regime, throw in with a new one, or maybe even start your own.

Ruarc Conn played by Charlie
Maximilian Barasso played by Dominic
Eddie Valiant played by Jason
Evan Carter played by Steve

Special Guest Stars
None so far

Michigan by Midnight

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